"In sports karate, the development is more visible and faster. Learning the traditional karate and maintaining the achieved level requires a lot of time. On one side, there is a technique, and on the other side, the mental factor."

"At the beginning of karate-do, there is its understanding, followed by techniques and physical side of learning."

(Shihan Takeji Ogawa)


School of Martial Arts (SMA) in Šamorín has started its activities in 2011 when it was smoothly linked up to Karafa Dojo Club founded by Sensei Milan Karafa who opened a branch of his karate club seated in Orechová Potôň in the 2nd half of 90s in Šamorín, and led it until his sudden decease in January 2011. Since August 2011, the School has been under the leadership of Sensei Attila Horváth, a student and subsequent assistant of Sensei Karafa.

The profile of the School has transformed from the mixture of both sports and traditional form to pure traditional Okinawa karate. The School is fortunate to be provided with an expert advice of Sensei Michal Šlachtovský who instructs seminars organized by the School, as well as Summer Karate Campuses held in cooperation with other Slovak karate clubs.

The current SMA philosophy does not cater for the achievement of sport success at the competitions, despite the fact that the School achieved a couple of them in this field in the past, but for the overall physical and mental development of a person´s character, and the follow up development of the traditional Okinawa karate values.